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Right, time is money and you’ve come to the right place to save both. Well actually the right place is our on-site sister company, Tyre Mountain.

Whether you’re a small or large business, you can’t afford to have your working vehicle off the road for any length of time. That’s why we always have a stock of the most popular van tyre sizes available for instant fitting. No need for an appointment either – just come down, relax in our comfy waiting room with today’s papers and a cuppa, and we’ll get you back on the road as a priority customer.

Don’t worry, you won’t pay through the nose for this level of service either, we buy in advance when prices are low and pass these savings on to you. Simple when you think about it.

Prices are always inclusive too, so there’s no hidden cost for valves, balancing, fitting, VAT or getting rid of your old tyre. Lets get to work then.

To ensure the safety of you and your van we need to take some details so that we quote you on the right tyre. All the information we require can be found on the sidewall of your existing tyre.

So how much will they cost?


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Here's some sample prices:

Size Weight rating Budget tyres exc.VAT Budget tyres inc.VAT
Van tyre Price List £ £
£ £
Size Weight rating £Budget tyres pre VAT price £Budget tyres - price including VAT
165/7014 89/97C 6ply £44.95 £53.95
175/6514T 86 RF £44.95 £53.95
185/8014 102/100C £49.95 £59.95
185/8015 103/101C £49.95 £59.95
195/6516 104/102C £59.95 £71.95
195/7015 104/102C £54.95 £65.95
205/6516 107/105C £59.95 £71.95
205/7516 110/108c £59.95 £71.95
215/7516 113/111C £64.95 £77.95
225/6516 112/110C £64.95 £77.95
225/7015 112/110C £54.95 £65.95
235/6516 115/113C £64.95 £77.95

All tyres shown are subject to availability & prices may change without notice

If you don't see the tyre you're looking for - don't worry, this is just a small selection of the most popular tyres we stock. Simply enter the details of the tyre you're looking for in the form below and a member of our of friendly team will be in touch

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